Support to 197 households for flood emergency responses

SAMAKY has supported 197 victim households from Kampong Samnanh village, Mien commune, Prey Chhor district for flood emergency responses. Each household received 13 items such as 1 large blanket, 1 traditional cooker, 2 pots, 5 spoons, 2 large spoons, 5 plastic cups, 1 bidon, 1 set of ceramic water filter, 1 straw mat, 1 piece of rope, 2 piece of soap and 1 sack. These emergency kits are supported by MSF organization therough Actionaid Cambodia. This event is conducted on the 20 of August 2014 at SAMAKY office in Deykraham village, Mien commune, Prey Chhor district, Kampong Cham.